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Young journalists

With five plenaries, more than 35 game changer sessions and a multitude of other events, it’s easy to miss something important at the 16th IACC. Fortunately the Young Journalist team is in place to capture the latest news, insights and opinions and bring it all to IACC participants and followers around the world.

You’ll be seeing and reading lots from the team over the next few days, so here’s a quick introduction:

Global talent

Comprised of more than 20 world-class reporters, photojournalists and videographers, the Young Journalists team joins us in Malaysia from 16 countries.

They bring with them vast journalistic experience – including work with ABC Australia, Al Jazeera, US National Public Radio (NPR), VICE and many other media outlets. For some of the team, like the Philippines’ Ayee Macaraig, this is the first time at the IACC. For others, like South African journalist Yolaan Begbie Aguemon, this is their second time. Yolaan is joined by nine other Young Journalist alumni who are back to cover their second IACC.

“As a journalist, fighting corruption is about holding those in power accountable, and giving a voice to those who suffer because of corrupt behaviour.” – Yolaan Begbie Aguemon

Alongside producing pieces for news outlets around the world, the team will be publishing here on the 16th IACC blog and you can expect to see a mixture of video interviews, photo stories and news from across the sessions.

And we’ll be delivering a selection of highlights directly to your inbox every morning in our IACC bulletin.

Beyond the conference

As we’ve seen with our Young Journalists alumni, the contribution of these media professionals doesn’t end with the conference’s closing ceremony. After working together in Brazil in 2012, many of the young journalists from the 15th IACC went on to form Journalists for Transparency, a collective of journalists and storytellers that seeks to explore issues of transparency and corruption around the globe. Check out Spoiled: Corruption from Farm to Table, their powerful and stomach-churning investigations into how corruption harms our food.

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