Sextortion: The Worst Kind of Corruption You’ve Never Heard Of

By Anna Therese Day IACC Young Journalist

Whether in the halls of American universities or on the streets of cities around the world, “sextortion,” or the abuse of power in which a sexual bribe is coerced, is a common but underreported phenomenon. The 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference hosted a panel on the troubling phenomenon, an aspect of corruption that is too often overlooked in the anti-corruption movement.

Panelists showed that, from the Global North to the South, sextortion plagues communities and disproportionately affects women and girls. Justice Engera Kileo Mammari of Tanzania shared stories of sextortion in a variety of contexts, but also explained how civil society is banding together in her country to combat these crimes through raising awareness and prosecuting sextortion cases.

Nancy Hendry, the Senior Advisor on the International Association of Women Judges, added that professional organizations should change their ethical standards to explicitly highlight these kinds of violations.

JP Bonner, the Director of Technology at Not In My Country, an app that collects evidence of corruption through crowd sourcing, showed how citizens can use this technology to facilitate the support and coalitions needed to tackle sextortion head on.


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