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Interview: Miranda Patrucic on Investigating a Mafia State

By Luigi Serenelli

Miranda PatrucicMiranda Patrucic receiving the Global Shining Light Award at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Lillehammer. Photo: Kristine M. Gutterød. is a lead investigative reporter for the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project, based in Sarajevo, Bosnia. She recently shared first prize in the Global Shining Light Awards, for Unholy Alliances: How Organized Crime, Government and Business Interact in Montenegro. The award was given at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference on October 10 in Lillehammer, Norway, where we caught up to her to ask what it’s like to investigate a Mafia state.

Why is this investigation important?

A government with close ties to organized crime does not work for the people

Some countries pretend to be democracies, or pretend to be strong developing countries with something to offer to Europe. On the other hand, they have strong ties with organized crime. A government with close ties to organized crime does not work for the people. It works for its own interest. With this project, we unveiled that the Prime Minister and his family have enabled criminals to launder their money. The government tried to give pubic resources to organized crime figures.

Cigarette loading point on the island of St. Nikola. Photo: Vijesti


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Using Facebook To Investigate

By Luigi Serenelli

Facebook has become an important tool for investigators, but journalists need to learn unique search tools to navigate the system.

Paul Myers Facebook Secrets Screenshot


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Whistleblowers & Journalists: A Complex Relationship

By Maria Paula Brito and Harald A. Stolt-Nielsen

Journalists and whistleblowers have a tight-knit yet complex relationship. Although both need each other, their exchanges are often tense.


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Fact Check Your Story — Before It’s Too Late


In order to publish or broadcast a piece of journalism that successfully empowers citizens to hold those in power accountable, the work must be, above all, one thing: credible.


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Data Entrepreneurs Leak and Map Corruption Online

Data-savvy entrepreneurs gave a quick glimpse into their projects at Asia’s first Investigative Journalism Conference in Manila. Two of them showed how their digital platforms make information sharing possible – and safe.

By Maria Paula Brito

Mintz Group Where the Bribes Are READ MORE

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