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Plenary 4: Plenary IV: Don’t Let Them Get Away With It: Investigating & Exposing the Truth

Check out the live stream of Plenary IV at the 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference.

Learn more about Plenary IV: Don’t Let Them Get Away With It: Investigating & Exposing the Truth

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The Next Step: Post-Arab Spring

Throughout the International Anti-Corruption Conference, we’ll post exclusive interviews about what happens after the workshops and panels are over. We’ll look at what was accomplished and what strategies participants can actually take back to their countries to fight corruption.

One of the topics that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue here in Brasilia is the Arab Spring and the debate over what the next steps should be and whether change is happening fast enough. So, we decided to dedicate two episodes of The Next Step to different perspectives on what needs to happen in the Arab Region, post-Arab Spring.

Our first guest is an Iraqi parliamentarian from Kurdistan in Northern Iraq, Susan Shahab-Nouri.

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A Country Without Corruption?


Have you ever wondered if it is possible that a country could exist without impunity? With people who are not willing to be corrupted? We know that corruption is like an evil tattoo on the globe’s skin, but perhaps in a “distant nation” that could live without bribes, no crooked acts would be able to “bite”.

To my knowledge, this nation today exists only in our imagination. However, there are thousands of people around the world who struggle to build a culture of accountability and anticorruption in their countries, and many of them were gathered at the 15th Conference of Anti-Corruption in Brasilia this month. From that conference, here are the most important points of the final declaration of the event, with related comments from Eduardo Bohorquez, director of the Mexico chapter of Transparency International Mexico, and some other experts (continued below photo).


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¿Cómo sería un país sin corrupción?


¿Se han preguntado si es posible que exista un país sin impunidad? ¿Con habitantes que no esten dispuestos a corromperse? Sabemos que la corrupción es un mal tatuado en la piel del mundo entero pero quizás, en una nación “lejana y ejemplar” se podría convivir sin sobornos, sin actos chuecos y sin “mordidas”.

Por lo que sabemos, hoy en día esta nación vive solamente en nuestra imaginación. Sin embargo, existen miles de personas en todo el mundo que luchan por formar una cultura de rendición de cuentas y de anticorrupción en sus países, y muchas de ellas se reunieron en la 15ava Conferencia de Anticorrupción en Brasilia este mes. Ahora les presento los puntos más importantes de la declaratoria final del evento relacionados con comentarios de Eduardo Bohórquez, director del capítulo de Transparency International Mexico (Transparencia Mexicana), y de algunos otros expertos en el tema (continua abajo de la foto).


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Message from US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the 15th IACC participants

Dear Friends:

It gives me great pleasure to extend my greetings to all those gathered in Brasilia for the 15th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC). I am delighted to have this opportunity to thank the IACC Council for its ongoing leadership in raising awareness of corruption, identifying innovative ways to combat it, and mobilizing stakeholders inside and outside of government. I also commend the Government of Brazil for hosting this important gathering. The United States is proud to be your partner in our shared effort to fight corruption and promote open government. READ MORE

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