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International Women’s Day 2016

As today is International Woman’s Day it’s another good time to highlight one of the key corruption issues affecting mainly women: Sextortion.

Sextortion on the Agenda at the IACC

Sextortion is the abuse of power to obtain a sexual benefit or advantage

At the 16th IACC, Sextortion was one of the most important emerging issues to be addressed; it was a ground-breaking session entirely related to sextortion, and it turned out to be one of the most interesting workshops of the conference.

Sextortion panel 16th IACC


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What has sex to do with corruption?

By Piero Locatelli IACC Young Journalist

Money is not the only currency used to pay bribes. In many places around the world, officials are using their power to get something else from woman citizens: sexual favors. This problem, often overlooked, was the theme of a session in the 16th IACC called “Sextortion: where corruption and sexual exploitation meet”.

This is sextortion. It is a crime from IACC Young Journalists on Vimeo. Learn more about the interview here.


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Sextortion: The Worst Kind of Corruption You’ve Never Heard Of

By Anna Therese Day IACC Young Journalist

Whether in the halls of American universities or on the streets of cities around the world, “sextortion,” or the abuse of power in which a sexual bribe is coerced, is a common but underreported phenomenon. The 16th International Anti-Corruption Conference hosted a panel on the troubling phenomenon, an aspect of corruption that is too often overlooked in the anti-corruption movement.

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2 cases in 6 years: is Malaysia doing enough to prosecute sextortion?

By Nicholas Cheng IACC Young Journalist 

Graft fighting agencies were given a lesson on sex at the International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC). 

But they were learning about a totally different kind of STD – Sexually Transmitted Degrees. READ MORE

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