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Islam Alzeny and Corruption Free Society Initiative in the news

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Corruption Free Society Initiative: how is it going one year on?

One year on from winning one of the IACC Social Entrepreneurs Initiative grants for the MENA region, Islam Alzeny illustrates his project’s achievements.

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Introducing the Changemakers: SEI Winners

We are delighted to announce the winners of the IACC Social Entrepreneurs Initiative, a competition to support innovative transparency projects with seed grants that enable people to realise real change.

With almost 300 project pitches from 62 countries worldwide, our thanks to the Jury who had a tough time deciding which to choose. Today we reveal the winning projects and, most importantly, the changemakers dedicated to making them happen.

Could you Run a City for a Day?

aradmalhotraDo the workings of government seem inaccessible?

They don’t have to be.

In the USA, Aradhya and his team are designing a free video game to make average American citizens more interested in government.

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Transparency on Demand

margaretroseResource-rich but accountability-poor? The government of Trinidad and Tobago gets a wake-up call from citizens who care about how resources are used.

Margaret’s many years of frustration as a public procurement reform advocate led her to create a unique platform leveraging technology and new media to drive public accountability.

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Traditional Teaching Disrupted

paolo-rivasWhat does governance mean to a 16-year-old school student?

This is the question Paolo Rivas from Peru asked himself when he came up with his project idea. FAENÓN: A 3D Quest to Understand Politics is a board game with a twist.

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Health in the Hands of the People

ayman-sabaeIn Egypt, Ayman Sabae sees public funds wasted and services that fail to meet the needs of the people. Sound familiar? Ayman wants to put control of health back in citizens’ hands: his project holds health providers directly accountable for the quality of their services.

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Can Art Change the Game in the Arab World?

islam-alzenyIslam Alzaini from Bahrain questions the effectiveness of the conservative approaches his region has to anti-corruption. Too dependent on instructions, directives and long circulars from above, Islam believes that the fight against corruption in the Arab world does not impact the people. His approach will be fun and more effective.

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Playing against Corruption

rajel-boililIn Mauritania, people aren’t always aware that corruption isn’t only political, but takes place in their everyday life too. That’s what inspired Rajel to submit a project that starts with the public, working with young people instead of the traditional top-down way of fighting corruption.

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Using Tech to Connect the Dots

saed-karzounFor Saed, anti-corruption work in Palestine won’t make progress until diverse actors can coordinate their efforts in a systematic way. His idea will use technology to do just that, helping problems make their way from the people affected to the top of leaders’ priority lists.

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