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No One Cares for the Poor

By Andrew Ochieng

Poor people are more likely to die of cancer, not only because they are prone to the disease, but also because they lack the health care to deal with the disease. Steve Buist, a reporter with the Hamilton Spectator in Canada realized this after analyzing heath records of hundreds of thousands of patients over a period of more than a decade in the city of Hamilton, Canada, and produced a series of stories under the title ‘BORN: A Code Red Project‘.

People’s economic status has everything to do with their health

The investigative report found that there are fewer hospitals in poorer neighborhoods. And of course, a person living from hand to mouth can’t really afford the luxury of a personal doctor. There are also few or no cancer screens for the poor.  “Poor people are more likely to die from lung cancer, because they are also more likely to be heavier smokers,”  Buist says. “People’s economic status has everything to do with their health.”

It goes on and on; teenagers in poorer neighborhoods are more vulnerable and more likely to become pregnant and to later have abortions. Yet the story doesn’t end there, more worrying is the continued commercialization of medical care, and the lure for medical practitioners from third world countries to take care of the rich in the developed world.


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