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AradMalhotra-300x300_paintAradhya Malhotra
Co-founder of Skyless Game Studios

About Us

I am a co-founder of Skyless Game Studios: we create video games to engage and educate people about major world issues. One of our key areas of focus is corruption and transparency and our aim is to elicit a strong reaction that will inspire people to act.

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The Project

City Hall is a serious video game aimed at educating players about the importance of transparency in governance. It will be a free to play game for mobile devices in which players will role play as a city manager, making various decisions, particularly budgetary, for a virtual city. Unlike many other city management simulations, however, the data on budget & allocations will actually be pulled from real world budgets. Our project is designed to make average American citizens more interested in the budgetary workings of government through a fun and engaging game. We want to help people understand the pros and cons of different choices hopefully, ultimately, creating a desire to become more involved in real world governance.

Aradhya Malhotra: Video Games against Corruption from IACC Young Journalists on Vimeo.

Game Changing Factor

This project is a multifaceted approach to digitally engaging citizens in their government’s activities and workings. In particular it focuses on using the disruptive and engaging medium of video games as a way to make governance and transparency feel accessible and interesting to a significant portion of the population. This is video game-based education using real data, with interactive feedback that bridges the gap between data and how that data actually affects the daily lives of citizens. This is what makes us unique.


Why I fight Corruption

Being born and brought up in New Delhi, India, I grew up witnessing corruption ingrained in every aspect of society. I saw cops being bribed, doctors refusing treatment to dying people and politicians getting away with murder. At a young age, I was affected by the extreme corruption and abuse of power and was deeply disturbed by the lack of value and respect for human life. This is what motivates me today to look for solutions that make real change to fight against corruption.

What’s the latest news?

The project is nearing completion and should be ready for release early next year. Despite not being finished it has already inspired the interest of a number of individuals and organizations around the city and region. One of our team was invited to speak about the game at OpenAccessPHL, where numerous audience members offered their help and advice on the project. Additionally, several media outlets have covered the game. Additionally, when we were presenting other games at a local app arcade, CityHall attracted numerous visitors to our booth, despite the fact we weren’t demoing it that day.

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