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Social Entrepreneurs Initiative for West Africa

Creating Change, Delivering Impact

Jeune, je m'engage pour integrité

As today’s citizens and tomorrow’s leaders, young people have the potential to make a difference by creating a world free of corruption. Transparency International places a strong emphasis on promoting youth integrity, as the fight against corruption begins with instilling strong values and honesty in young people.


In partnership with OSIWA

In collaboration with the Open Society Institute for West Africa (OSIWA), we launched a Social Entrepreneurs Initiative (SEI) for West Africa. The initiative aims to support innovative ideas from young people to boost transparency, accountability and the fight corruption specifically in the education sector of their communities.

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The Winners

The 16iacc

Visual Data

Many Nigerians with little or no knowledge of accounting and public finance are lost when they see a government budget (if they ever get to see one). The need for every citizen to know how their taxes are used cannot be over emphasized. Visual Data will champion the provision of open data and make creative use of government data to achieve this.

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The 16iacc


Schools in Liberia suffer from a host of problems ranging from sex for grades to bribery to teacher absenteeism. We spoke to students all over the country and discovered that the key problem is that they do not have a trusted, confidential system through which they can report problems.This is where ‘Tell-it-True’ began.

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The 16iacc

No to Corruption at my School

Making people aware of the problem is the first step towards having an impact corruption. I intend to produce films for school-going children and teenagers to portray the realities of corruption and the immediate consequences for those around you.

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