Calling all Young Journalists

Since the 14th IACC in Thailand in 2010 we’ve invited young journalists working all around the world to be part of IACC.

For each conference we select a team of world-class Young Journalists to work together to report on the Conference sessions through various Social Media and New Media channels, including the IACC blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Vimeo pages. The selected journalists also have the opportunity to submit stories to their own news outlets, write monthly blogs/articles for the IACC website and have a chance to engage with Transparency International’s national chapters in their respective countries.

Possibly the best part of this amazing initiative is that the selected YJs will become part of an amazing IACC YJ Network which includes some of the greatest young journalists of our time. This is a snapshot of who the current YJs are, their interests and where they come from. To learn more check out their individual profiles.

The 16th IACC in Malaysia

Comprised of 25 world-class reporters, photojournalists and videographers, the 16th IACC Young Journalists team joined us from 19 countries around the world. Of these there were 15 new journalists on the team and 10 alumni for whom this was their second or third conference. They came and worked in a variety of media, from photojournalism to print, to radio, to video, to online journalism. Meet the team here, and have a look at their coverage of the conference here.

Check out the article and video here.

Beyond the Conference: Latest Investigations

As we’ve seen with our Young Journalists alumni, the contribution of these media professionals doesn’t end with the conference’s closing ceremony. After working together in Brazil in 2012, many of the young journalists from the 15th IACC went on to form Journalists for Transparency, a collective of journalists and storytellers that seeks to explore issues of transparency and corruption around the globe. Check out their inaugural investigation launched in September 2014, Spoiled: Corruption from Farm to Table, their powerful and stomach-churning investigations into how corruption harms our food.

Questions may be sent to:

Alice Chambers, IACC Team Berlin: achambers(at)