Expert Interviews


Glenn Greenwald on Journalism at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference 2013

Directly after the plenary sessions of the Global Investigative Journalism Conference in Rio de Janeiro, the IACC Young Journalists secured a 5 minute slot to speak exclusively to Glenn Greenwald about journalism tips and his experience breaking major cases.


What is needed to End Impunity?

YJ’s speak to legendary Judge Richard Goldstone about what the global community can do to stop impunity.


It’s Our Turn to Eat

Impunity in Action: Michela Wrong’s book unveiled much of the explosive Ango-Leasing scandal which changed the rules of the corruption game in Kenya. Alas, the corrupt went unpunished.


The Next Step: Dirty Money

One of the major obstacles to fighting corruption is dirty money and illicit financial flows. How do institutions restore people’s trust? And what key measures are needed to make sure transparency is rooted in the world of money. Here, Patrick Alley, co-founder of Global Witness and Nicholas Shaxon, investigative journalist and author, joined me to talk about the next steps needed to curtail the flow of dirty money.


Oxfam on Global Progress Beyond 2015

Are you already aware of the links between poverty and corruption? Jeremy Hobbs shares insights on what the global community needs to do to fight poverty and achieve the post Millennium Development Goals.

TI and Greenpeace leaders talk Climate Change & Accountability

Transparency International’s Managing director Cobus de Swardt recently met with his counterpart at Greenpeace, Kumi Naidoo, to discuss how we can best work together to ensure that climate money achieves impact at scale. Cobus and Kumi have a shared history. They met as young activists fighting apartheid in their home country of South Africa.

Growing up in Cape Town, Cobus learned that social activism is born of a conviction that the future you want is inevitable. He was told, “One day South Africa will be free. Maybe it takes 20 years, maybe 100 years, but it is inevitable it will happen.”

We don’t have 20 years to deliberate how to steer our planet onto a low-carbon, corrupt-free path. At best we have just a few.


Who are We doing Business With?

Raymond Baker of Global Financial Integrity speaks on the shadow financial systems. There are millions of accounts around the world but we’ve no idea who owns them. The banks have won. It’s time to wake up and demand transparency and accountability.


The Next Step: Corruption & Change in the Arab Region

On this episode of The Next Step we look at corruption and transformation in the Arab region. Panelists and participants shared a variety of perspectives and there was a lot of debate, reflecting the complicated nature of the region post-Arab Spring.

We caught up with two people who’ve been in the thick of the region’s historic change: Mona Salem, Social Contract Centre (Egypt) and Abdulnabi Alekry, Bahrain Transparency Society.Produced by Ryan Hicks and Manuel Medina


The Arab Spring & Beyond

One of the topics that’s on the tip of everyone’s tongue here in Brasilia is the Arab Spring and the debate over what the next steps should be and whether change is happening fast enough. So, we decided to dedicate two episodes of The Next Step to different perspectives on what needs to happen in the Arab Region, post-Arab Spring.

Our first guest is an Iraqi parliamentarian from Kurdistan in Northern Iraq, Susan Shahab-Nouri.

Our next guest is Hadeel Qazzaz. She works with the NGO Integrity Action. She is from Palestine and just moved to Calgary, Canada.


The Camera is Mightier than the Sword

Journalist and Film Maker Jon Alpert reflects on the challenges faced by film makers and journalists in exposing corruption and documenting pressing issues of social justice. Jon calls on viewers to make it happen.


Break the Silence

Frank Vogel, cofounder of TI shares insights on grand corruption and a culture of impunity in the USA.


People Fighting Impunity

Andrew Mack of the Human Security Report & Markus Hardtke of the Natural Resource Protection Group reflect on the need for popular support to challenge the law and end impunity.


Online Transparency Portal

With some reflections from TI Kenya, YJ reporter Andrew Ochieng showcases Brazil’s effort to publish public funds and promote open governance.