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A strong alliance between the media and civil society organisations boosts the watchdog functions of both for the public good, and keeps accountability and transparency high on the world’s agenda. By working together, leaders in both fields provide in-depth knowledge to people around the world about ways in which corruption is affecting them directly and how to join the fight against it. The media is crucial for illustrating the devastating effects of corruption and providing citizens with information that enables them to stand up to corruption. An independent and free media is a cornerstone of democracy and a vital pillar of national integrity and good governance. Around the world, the work of investigative journalists played a central role in the ousting of several presidents due to their involvement in corruption scandals. However too often, journalists who seek to expose economic and political corruption do so at great personal risk.

Since 2009, the IACC has played a critical role in strengthening collaboration between anti-corruption experts and in particular, young journalists.  The IACC has launched two Young Journalists Initiative Competitions providing the opportunity for 34 young journalists from around the globe to hone their journalistic skills, enhance their knowledge of anti-corruption policies and politics, get involved with the anti-corruption community and communicate to others the events and outcomes of the conference by reporting on the IACC. The project was highly successful and the IACC will build on this success by recruiting more Young Journalists for the 15th IACC conference, thus strengthening the network of IACC young journalists. With thousands of people following their blogs, tweets and new media reporting methods, engaging with young journalists is an extremely effective ally in promoting democracy and the fight against corruption.


Current YJ Activities

#1 Collective Project:

YJs have been hard at work on a transparency-related project. The inaugural edition of “SPOILED: Corruption from Farm to Table” uncovers the stories of people whose lives are affected every day by corruption in the food chain.

Visit to read true stories

#2 2015 IACC Competition: We’re expanding our outreach and calling for Young Journalists to report on the 16th IACC, see here for more details!

#3 Sustaining the network: For now the YJ network communicates with one another through a secret Facebook group. YJ stories will be frequently published on the IACC blog and featured in IACC News.



This is a snapshot of who the YJs are, their interests and where they come from. To learn more check out their individual profiles.